Woodstock Ukraine is a festival of happy people!

PEACE, LOVE, MUSIC are not an empty words for us. We sincerely believe that performing arts are able to arose feelings of solidarity, affection, mutual understanding and harmony in hearts of Ukrainians same as in hearts of our foreign guests.

The ultimate goal of the project is to bring up together (inhabitants/citizens of our country) people from all around the globe in order to create peace, flourishing of charity movement in Ukraine, cooperation of diverse by genres performers in support of common goal as well as development of mass culture through the music. This festival is our message of peace, love, openness and cultural expression.

Festival WOODSTOCK UKRAINE is free of charge and open for all visitors.

WOODSTOCK UKRAINE is an expression of gratitude to all the volunteers - the most active part of our society. They often are willing to be a part of this large cultural performance, which indicates the desire of being treated as united country, united nation, which were not seized by the current war.

Participants would have an opportunity to enjoy various music styles, get familiar with new bands and singers and listen to already well-known artists live!