Peace Patrol

The Peace Patrol is a volunteer training project. Every year peace patrol organizes Woodstock Ukraine festival and takes part in the Heart to Heart finals. To become a Patrol of Peace, it is enough to be an adult and an undergo training.

Three intense days of trainings with our instructors. At the core of the study are three elements of development: physical, emotional and intellectual. Not only the basics of the first medical aid, but also integration measures for endurance, teamwork skills, and the achievement of the leader's qualities are waiting for everyone. Upon completion of the training and the passing of the exam, the participant is provided with a certificate to service mass events as volunteer.

One of the important reasons for participating in our training is the arivval at Woodstock Ukraine and the work of the Patrol of Peace as a Heart to Heart volunteer. Thanks to our volunteers, the Woodstock organization is always growing. And some of them joined the organizing committee of the festival. We are the cleanest and safest Ukrainian festival, which has inviolable principles based on the slogan: Peace! Love! Music!