Peace Patrol

Peace Patrol - is a new project for training volunteers, which help us with preparations of the Woodstock Ukraine festival and take part in final events of chairity organization Heart to heart. To join the project Peace Patrol is enough to be over 18 y.o. and complete 3-days trainings. Training is created in order to: provide volunteers with the basic skills as medical first-aid; complete integration events which examine stamina, develop team-working and leadership skills. After completing the course and passing proficiency examination the participant is granted the certificate of information service for operating mass events.

One of the most important conditions for participating in our trainings is arrival on Woodstock Ukraine and work on Peace Patrol as a volunteer "Heart to Heart" . Thanks to our volunteersWoodstock is the most professionally organized, clean, and safe mass festival in Ukraine, which has binding rules, which are based on motto "Peace! Love! Music! Rock n Roll! Stop to the War !


Patrol volunteers arrive and complete studying at their own expense and only the best/chosen ones, who connect with us for a while, who come multiple times and actively participate in activities are the ones who are later awarded to be in charge of serious tasks. Everyone has a chance to grow by their dedication and engagement. Here everything is possible!

Who visits us? Usually it's a people, who are willing to help, contribute, and, sometimes even overcome certain fear.

Each of the patrol volunteer is given a unique t-shirt. This is a major distinctive element. We never touch upon volunteer personal beliefs and values, we never ask about politics. We offer our philosophy, which is built on principles of frienship and feeling of community, which means that you always can count on someone close by and your personal readiness to offer help to others. We teach them to be active and positive approach towards our environment. When you can feel the result? At the very festival! When people arriving from various parts of Ukraine and world .