Woodstock Ukraine is an Ukrainian rock festival organized by the Heart to Heart charity foundation, one of the largest musical festivals, a symbol of free and peaceful co-existence, as well as mutual assistance of a huge number of people, the first noncommercial music festival in Ukraine.

In 1995 the first Polish festival called Przystanek woodstock was organized for the volunteers of the Polish action Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy (WOSP Foundation). The name came from Woodstock Music and Art Festival, one of the most famous music festivals in the world, which took place in August 1969, and became a great reference for humanity against the war. Przystanek Woodstock is a thanksgiving for the volunteers working throughout the year. Every year around 30 musical groups take part in the event; Some names: Guano Apes, Papa Roach, The Prodigy, The Stranglers, Korpiklaani, Clawfinger and many others took part in the festival as honorable guests. In 2016 Polish Przystanek Woodstock was visited by more than 750,000 people. In 2018, the name of the Polish festival was changed to PolandRock.

In 2012, the all-Ukrainian charity foundation Heart to Heart with the support of the well-known Polish figure Jerzy Konik and Ukrainian singer Andriy Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skryabin) decided to move the Woodstock tradition into Ukraine. In order to thank the volunteers for the good cooperation with the fund, and assistance in raising funds for new medical equipment for children and children's hospitals in the country. Since then, the festival has been traveling in picturesque corners of Ukraine and warmly welcomes guests from all over the world for free, charging them with peace, love and music.


(Aerodrome in Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region, 28 – 30 August 2012)

The first festival took place in the Vinnytsia region and gather at its stage 36 groups from Ukraine, Poland and Europe. The headliners of the festival were Mad Heads, Kozak System and Skryabin bands, and Kuzma Skryabin should have been the host of the event.

Due to storm warnings and weather conditions — a devastating wind, the organizers were forced to suspend the festival due to impossibility to put one of the largest scenes in Ukraine (36 m in length and 16 m in width). There weren't a lot of people in general, but those who left still got their own portion of adrenaline.

On the first night Taruta and Holy Guard played a small concert in the established hut. Despite the weather conditions and circumstances bands gave a lot of heat and positive. Some people stayed for all 3 days off the festival, which by the way was incredible to made it. As a result, Woodstock Ukraine was moved to the next year and new location.


(Grybivka village, Odesa region, 16 – 21 July 2013)

The organizers decided to change location of the second festival to the Odesa's sunny and warm beach of the village Grybivka. It was a real holiday of music, friendship and love. In 2013, the festival had two stages.

On the Small Stage, bands from all over Ukraine were played, which were selected in two stages: first by online voting, and then live performance in the club. As well as musical bands who have repeatedly helped in organizing the charity event and were honorary guests of the fund. At the end of each musical day, one band was selected on a small stage, which was able to play on a big stage with well-known musicians.

The Main Stage consisted of groups of Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Belarus. Main Stage was opened by a band from Belarus PAWA. Headliners of the festival were TNMK, Mandry, and S.K.A.I. After midnight the guests of the Festival were entertained by DJs from Poland and Ukraine.

At this year's festival, the band Haydamaky first introduced their new program together with the famous Polish Dj Cai Caslavinieri.

The event was attended by about a thousand people and for the future it was decided to change the venue for more convenient travel of guests and groups from abroad.

«ТНМК» (Ukraine)
«PanKe Shava» (Ukraine)
«Sex Mashine Band» (Poland)
«The ВЙО» (Ukraine)
«Bahroma» (Ukraine)
«ДримбаДаДзиґа» (Ukraine)
«We Are!!» (Ukraine)
«PAWA» (Belarus)
«Мандри» (Ukraine)
«Гайдамаки» (Ukraine)
«Wild Pig» (Poland)
«TaRuta» (Ukraine)
«The Velvet Sun» (Ukraine)
«Metka» (Poland)
«Веремій» (Ukraine)
«С.К.А.Й.» (Ukraine)
«Svjata Vatra» (Estonia)
«КораЛЛі» (Ukraine)
«Гапочка» (Ukraine)
«Фіолет» (Ukraine)
«Kalo Chavo» (Serbia)
«SWEETLO» (Ukraine)


(Svirzh castle, Lviv Oblast 8 - 12 July 2014)

In 2014 the festival was moved to the extremely picturesque Svirzh castle, where it became more like its American brother — because of the war in the Donbas organizers chosed slogan STOP WAR.

Despite the events in the country, the organizers did not abandon the anti-war direction, but the goal was to unite young people around culture. Traditionally, three days of the festival were covered with music, and warm and sincere words of support from foreign performers were heard from the scene. The festival was attended by about 8 thousand people.

«Neil Taylor» (The United Kingdom)
«Enclose» (Mexico)
«Death by Chocolate» (Switzerland)
«Wild Pig» (Poland)
«Black Powder Toys» (Canada)
«Metka» (Poland)
«Modiwo» (Romania)
«The Stylacja» (Poland)
«KaCeZet & Fundamenty» (Poland)
«ADSU» (Poland)
«Offensywa» (Poland)
«Atmasfera» (Ukraine)
«Freddy Marx Street» (Ukraine)
«Farinhate» (Ukraine)
«Gerold» (Ukraine)
«Green Silence» (Ukraine)
«Kompas» (Ukraine)
«Ot Vinta» (Ukraine)
«КораЛЛі» (Ukraine)
«Брат Кіндрат» (Ukraine)
«Latur» (Ukraine)
«Малхолланд Драйв» (Ukraine)
«PanKe Shava» (Ukraine)
«Washing Tones» (Ukraine)
«Тінь сонця» (Ukraine)
«Бандурбенд» (Ukraine)
«Подорож по вертикалі» (Ukraine)


(Svirzh castle, Lviv Oblast 7 - 9 August 2015)

This Woodstock was dedicated to one of the founders of the festival, the leader of the group Skryabin Andriy Kuzmenko, who tragically died in a car accident in February of that year. He has been actively involved in the development and holding of Woodstock for three consecutive years. Kuzma made a huge contribution to the festival and to the development of volunteering in Ukraine.

The feature of this year's festival was that it functioned almost round the clock. In the morning, the small scene began to act, from 16:00 the big scene started, then the nightly DJ scene. The festival also hosted film shows, contests, races. Even it was possible to play a festival wedding, such marriage was valid only for the period of the festival, according to the organizers, this service was used by more than thirty times. And the festival itself was attended by more than 10 thousand guests.

«Ot Vinta» (Ukraine)
«Дай Дорогу» (Belarus)
«Zmaza» (Poland)
«Farinhate» (Ukraine)
«Деньги Вперед» (Ukraine)
«Piano» (Ukraine)
«Натоліч» (Ukraine)
«Akute» (Belarus)
«Raggafaya» (Poland)
«Мері» (Ukraine)
«Atmasfera» (Ukraine)
«Безодня» (Ukraine)
«Anebo» (Ukraine)
«Женя Скрудж» (Ukraine)
«SWEETLO» (Ukraine)
«Pull The Wire» (Poland)
«Bahroma» (Ukraine)
«Epolets» (Ukraine)
«5 Vymir» (Ukraine)
«Леді Арлет» (Ukraine)
«Indytronics» (Ukraine)
«Правиця» (Ukraine)


(Svirzh castle, Lviv region 28 - 30 July 2016)

For the third year in a row, the festival took place on the territory of Svirzh castle. This was the fifth commemorative Woodstock in Ukraine. The headliners of that year became the band O.Torvald, which in a year introduced Ukraine to the Eurovision contest. In 2016, for the first time on the big stage of Woodstock, the band Skryabin was added in an updated composition with the singer Eugen Tolochny. There were already about 12 thousand visitors. The festival has become large in just a few years, and the area of the castle seemed too small for such a large number of people, so it was decided to look for a new, more comfortable location.

«O.Torvald» (Ukraine)
«Clock Machine» (Poland)
«Sinoptik» (Ukraine)
«ТаРута» (Ukraine)
«Шана» (Ukraine)
«еЕ» (Ukraine)
«Восьмий день» (Ukraine)
«One Light Inside» (Ukraine)
«Скрябін» (Ukraine)
«Дай Дарогу» (Belarus)
«Фіолет» (Ukraine)
«Кімната Гретхен» (Ukraine)
«Arlett» (Ukraine)
«Indytronics» (Ukraine)
«Безодня» (Ukraine)
«Cherry-merry» (Ukraine)
«Morphine Suffering» (Ukraine)
«Wild Pig» (Poland)
«Detach» (Ukraine)
«Bahroma» (Ukraine)
«The Dues» (Switzerland)
«Fontaliza» (Ukraine)
«Pawa» (Belarus)
«Триставісім» (Ukraine)


(Tsuniv aerodrome, Lviv Oblast 11 - 13 August 2017)

“Unlock the safety belts. We are taking off!” It was under this slogan that regular Woodstock took place on the Tsuniv Aerodrome in the Lviv region. The aerodrome was located just in the center of the festival, so the station of various airplanes was visible from any point.

The feature of this year's festival was the opportunity for everyone to jump down from a height of several hundred meters with a parachute, or to fly over an area. The headliners of the festival were the Ukrainian band Sinoptik and the Polish — Tabu and Materia. The number of visitors increased to a record 15,000 people filled with peace, love and music.

«Tabu» (Poland)
«Akute» (Belarus)
«Фіолет» (Ukraine)
«Le Basour» (Italy)
«Roll Models» (Ukraine)
«Патроничі» (Ukraine)
«Oho!koko» (Poland)
«M'eleron» (Ukraine)
«Alt.End» (Ukraine)
«Sinoptik» (Ukraine)
«Detach» (Belarus)
«Chorzy» (Poland)
«Pull The Wire» (Poland)
«Кораллі» (Ukraine)
«Кімната Гретхен» (Ukraine)
«Kira Mazur» (Ukraine)
«Secret Forest» (Ukraine)
«Potth» (Poland)
«Materia» (Poland)
«Epolets» (Ukraine)
«Fontaliza» (Ukraine)
«One Light Inside» (Ukraine)
«Натоліч» (Ukraine)
«Godbite» (Poland)
«Motanka» (Ukraine)
«Radioslam» (Poland)
«Mountain Breeze» (Ukraine)


(Zavereshchycia village, Lviv region, 9 – 11 August 2018)

This year's festival will open its doors on August 9, in 30 km from Lviv in the village of Zavereshchycia. For announcements and news, follow the site and the official pages of the festival.