Peace Patrol — volunteers that coming from all over the country to the Woodstock Ukraine Festival and to the final of charity event Heart to Heart to help with organizing these events.

The idea of the Ukrainian Peace Patrol is borrowed from the Polish Pokojowy Patrol, where more than 160 trainings have already been conducted, and more than 7,000 people have passed since their founding. They provide the largest festival in Europe — Przystanek Woodstock. When the scale of our Woodstock Ukraine Festival began to grow, there was a need for volunteer training to ensure the safety of our visitors and the volunteers themselves. So, 20 representatives from all over Ukraine have passed their first studies Pokojowego Patrolu in Poland.

The first call is directed at young people engaged in the work of the Foundation. One is foreseen: work in the Patrol is the entire volunteer. During the festival Peace Patrol has a secure place to stay, food and access to locations that visitors can not reach. You will become part of the organization of one of the largest festivals in Ukraine. From this time, the Patrol of the World is the basis for the organization of all subsequent Woodstock Ukraine festivals.


Step 1 - You want to join the Patrol of Peace

Remember that You need to be 18 years old to attend for the seventh Woodstock Ukraine Festival! A patrol can be only an adult.

Step 2 - Register online

With full responsibility and according to the instructions, fill in a questionnaire. Remember that the main condition for participation in our training is the activity of the Patrol of Peace as a volunteer of the all-Ukrainian charity foundation Heart to Heart and Your presence at the seventh Woodstock Ukraine Festival (the Patrol of the World commences its work several days before the start of the Festival and completes it in a day by its end).

Step 3 - Now it's our time to act

When completed questionnaires will be sent to us, we will select and approve the best candidates for the Patrol of Peace and write a letter with detailed information. If You are among the lucky ones — go to step 4.

Step 4 - Training

By declaring to take the training, You come to the training base. Reserve yourself a weekend for these 3 days, including Friday. More information (about where to come, what to take with You) You will receive in e-mail from us. You come to us at your own expense, but we provide You with lodging meals and, of course, training.

Step 5 - You are part of the Patrol of the World

If You finished training and took examinations, You will receive our certificate that You have obtained theoretical and practical first aid skills, work with visitors of mass events, passed the task of teambuilding, learnt to react in extreme conditions, learnt tourist orientation, educated in yourself the quality of a true leader. Also You receive a unique, red T-shirt of the World Patrol!

P.S. The patrols that show the best results of the training and excellent examinations have the opportunity to study in Poland and join the team of the Patrol of Peace instructors or the Woodstock Ukraine Festival Coordinators. Volunteering is full of adventure and unforgettable emotions 😉